Singularities, Representation of Algebras and Vector Bundles

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The Clifford dimension of a projective curve. Compositio Mathematica. Remarks on points in a projective space. David Eisenbud, Jee-Heub Koh. Commutative algebra Berkeley, CA, MSRI Publications. Rank varieties of matrices. David Eisenbud, David Saltman. Ideals with a regular sequence as syzygy.

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The dimension of the Chow variety of curves.

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  • Singularities, Representation of Algebras and Vector Bundles.

Direct methods for primary decomposition. Regularity of modules over a Koszul algebra. Luchezar L. Avramov, David Eisenbud. Finite projective schemes in linearly general position. Journal of Algebraic Geometry. An intersection bound for rank 1 loci, with applications to Castelnuovo and Clifford theory. Open problems in computational algebraic geometry. Computational algebraic geometry and commutative algebra Cortona, Higher Castelnuovo theory.

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Springer-Verlag Singapore, Singapore, Commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, and computational methods. Syzygy ideals for determinantal ideals and the syzygetic Castelnuovo lemma. Cohomology on toric varieties and local cohomology with monomial supports. Symbolic computation in algebra, analysis, and geometry Berkeley, CA, Journal of Symbolic Computation.

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The projective geometry of the Gale transform. Enriques surfaces and other non-Pfaffian subcanonical subschemes of codimension 3. Special issue in honor of Robin Hartshorne. Communications in Algebra. Hilbert functions, residual intersections, and residually S2 ideals.

Lagrangian subbundles and codimension 3 subcanonical subschemes. A simple proof of some generalized principal ideal theorems.

Mathematics comes from many sources David Eisenbud, interviewed by Sara Robinson. Mathematics unlimited and beyond. Appendix to Jet schemes of locally complete intersection canonical singularities by Mircea Mustata. David Eisenbud, Edward Frenkel. Exterior algebra methods for the minimal resolution conjecture. Projective geometry and homological algebra.

Computations in algebraic geometry with Macaulay 2.

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Sheaf algorithms using the exterior algebra. Wolfram Decker, David Eisenbud. Periodic resolutions over exterior algebras. Special issue in celebration of Claudio Procesi's 60th birthday. What is the Rees algebra of a module? Presidential views: Interview with David Eisenbud.

Physics X: Fiber Bundles (inching towards the Calabi-Yau horizon)

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Trends in commutative algebra. Classical algebraic geometry: Abstracts from the workshop held June July 3, Oberwolfach Reports. Presidential reflections: Interview with David Eisenbud. A finiteness property of infinite resolutions. Preface to Saunders Mac Lane: A mathematical autobiography. A K Peters, Ltd. Wellesley, MA, Restricting linear syzygies: Algebra and geometry. Relative Beilinson monad and direct image for families of coherent sheaves.

David Eisenbud, Frank-Olaf Schreyer. The regularity of Tor and graded Betti numbers. Small schemes and varieties of minimal degree.

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  • Singularities, Representation of Algebras, and Vector Bundles.
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BSB B. Teubner Verlagsgesellschaft, Leipzig. Hodge algebras. Three-dimensional link theory and invariants of plane curve singularities. David Eisenbud, Walter Neumann. Annals of mathematics studies. ISBN: ; Algebraic geometry, Bowdoin, , Part 1. Spencer J. Bloch [Ed. Clemens, D.

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Computational algebraic geometry and commutative algebra: Cortona, David Eisenbud, Lorenzo Robbiano [Eds. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, England. Lecture Notes in Mathematics Free Preview. Buy eBook. Buy Softcover. FAQ Policy. About this book It is well known that there are close relations between classes of singularities and representation theory via the McKay correspondence and between representation theory and vector bundles on projective spaces via the Bernstein-Gelfand-Gelfand construction.

Show all. Table of contents 21 chapters Table of contents 21 chapters Survey of vector bundles on curves Pages Narasimhan, M. Finite dimensional algebras and singularities Pages Reiten, Idun. Monomial curves and obstructions on cyclic quotient singularities Pages Christophersen, Jan Arthur. Deformation of modules on curves and surfaces Pages Rego, C.

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A characterisation of strictly unimodular plane curve singularities Pages Schappert, Albert. Polar curves, resolution of singularities and the filtered mixed hodge structure on the vanishing cohomology Pages Steenbrink, Joseph et al. On the betti numbers of the milnor fibre of a certain class of hypersurface singularities Pages Straten, D. Reflexive modules on cyclic quotient surface singularities Pages Wunram, J.

The auslander-reiten quiver of an isolated singularity Pages Dieterich, Ernst. A class of weighted projective curves arising in representation theory of finite dimensional algebras Pages Geigle, Werner et al. Repetitive categories Pages Happel, Dieter. Almost split sequences for some non-classical lattice categories Pages Roggenkamp, K. On the rationality of the moduli space for stable rank-2 vector bunoles on P2 Pages Ellingsrud, G.