Rise of the Runelords: Fortress of the Stone Giants (Pathfinder RPG)

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It's a distraction, his enemies are using illusion to mislead him. Perhaps one of the roc's is sent to fly over the area. The roc's may actually be key here - they should be be flying over the entire valley watching for intruders. This should be far too high for anyone not also flying to engage. One of them is most likely to see the wrong-way dragon illusion. Of course if you wanted to get crazy, he could send Lokansir riding a roc to the area to use his earthquake power to collapse the place.

The roc's could even carry a few Stone Giants as escort a la LotR. Enga could easily tag along Yeah, I really need to reread the rest of book 4. I read it months ago, and re-read the beginning parts of Jorgenfist, but haven't finished re-reading as far as Mokmurian's stats and spells again. Our group is just so slow that I end up re-read everything at least twice before they get to it.

So I forgot he used Sending. So he would already know that the raid failed, and might be planning a backup raid, though it'll take a while to plan and send. And you're right that he'll probably try Sending on the Longtooth illusion, and realize it's fake pretty quickly. I just have to decide how he'd react to that. I told my PCs that they saw the rocs wandering around the valley once in a while.

But they've been using Invisibility Sphere whenever they fly anywhere, so they've had an easy time going unnoticed. They just don't get too close to any of the giant camps. I think I found a way to help a Big Bad actually survive several rounds with the enemy - er, the party! The battle is currently being handled via e-mails until Sunday's game. After flushing out the Black Monk, combat commenced, with the Monk currently using its Despair aura and having relied on everyone being Flatfooted to escape fiery death in the chamber below.

The first successful attack on him well, not including a Channel Positive Energy against him did exactly 10 points of damage It is very unlikely the group will manage to drop him in a couple of rounds. So his damage resistance is slowly going to grow, and fire will do less and less to him already Flame Arrow will only be a minor inconvenience against him. This should prove most interesting. My group searched the the approaches to Sandpoint and located Teraktinus' raiding party before they attacked. The stone giants were all slaughtered easily in the night. I elected to have Longtooth off on his own and not present during the fight.

During the fight a stone giant attempted to sound the warhorn and summon the dragon, but he was cut down before he could retrieve it. After questioning a helpful stone giant prisoner a son of Conna's I named Vaducus the party learned of the dragon. They decided to lay an ambush in the morning and sound the horn For the future: how do groups of PC's attack, infiltrate or penetrate the fortress without aggroing everyone in the valley?

It seems to me after the first few combat encounters, the fortress would be roused and the PC's will be dealing with over bad guys. Is it just assumed that once inside, all of the tribes and monsters camped outside will not respond or enter the fortress? Even an alerted Mokmurian and all the badies he brings with him inside the fortress will be tough for most parties. I'm trying to make this a little more dramatic than a list of bad guys that wait around in rooms or areas for the PC's to show up.

Hopefully, your PCs have a little more tact than that. Most groups I've read about use Invisibility Sphere and then either Fly or Dimension Door to get into the fortress sight unseen. Heck, if memory serves, my group made it all the way down to Conna before having a single fight, then promised her they'd kill as few giants as possible if she would help them.

There weren't any deaths 'til that wacky kobold decided to go toe-to-toe with a "real" barbarian and learned that an earthbreaker and some obscene hit point rolling makes all the difference in the world Okay, no problem. Then what happened? Why did this fight not spill over into other areas at all and alert the whole compound? Afterwards did the party proceed from area to area fighting everything in isolation as they went? Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to be dismissive or insulting.

I'm just searching for ideas to run these enemies in an intelligent and logical manner. My group has already questioned why none of the enemies they encounter ever raise any kind of alarm or respond to epic fights happening in adjacent rooms examples include: Thistletop, the Graul homestead and Fort Rannick.

Pathfinder Adventure Path: Rise of the Runelords

The meta game answer is because if the entire location becomes alert and the bad guys send everything in at the party as they really should do , they would be dead. The group needs to face these challenges in isolation from one another. How to accomplish this without straining my groups already stretched suspension of belief is puzzling me. My group didn't face these things in isolation. When they started their first fight inside Fort Rannick, on the ground floor after sneaking in through the basement and using a Silence spell during the one fight there, so it didn't attract attention , all the other ogres inside the ground floor came running.

It just took a few rounds to get there, so they were able to handle them a couple at a time pretty easily. This has happened in a few areas of the adventure path so far. In some parts of the adventure, it specifically says that certain groups of baddies ignore disturbances outside their rooms for specific reasons. Other than that, you do have to remember that some of them live in noisy areas, so they might not recognize fighting noises for what they are, unless a bad guy intentionally raises an alarm.

Think of it logically for each area, and don't be afraid to combine fights occasionally, but make sure it takes a couple of rounds of saying "What was that? What Fromper said. For all groups that might hear the fight and were not explicitly listed as staying put, I rolled Perception. You have to remember that some are working forges, some are cooking, etc. The DC to hear a fight is Start adding distance and ambient noise and it's surprising how close other groups have to be to hear a fight. My party also used Silence pretty much the moment a fight broke out, so groups in other areas would have minimal chances to hear things.

Then comes the alarm aspect of it: Human and presumably demi-human nature is to go see what's going on before sounding a general alarm. So my group ran into pockets of encounters each, then had time to re-group and re-stealth as they prevented anyone from escaping the combat, thus preventing a general alarm.

EDIT: So in short, every time the party had a fight, I rolled Perception for the surrounding rooms, and those that succeeded indeed came to see what was happening. It never became a wholesale "general alarm" because no one ever got away. There are a few things you should consider. The monsters, even if they are alarmed, aren't going to know exactly where the PCs are only the GM does. And don't forget that monsters in adjacent rooms exist and have their own turns during rounds.

They can make perception checks as free actions just like any other character. In normal conditions, this means battle can be heard from feet away without a check though my party's paladin might actually miss it with his negative perception mod, hehe. Make sure your players are aware of these rules, too. That being said, if the alarm is raised, sure, there are probably some giants on patrol but they still don't know exactly where the PCs are. Let the giants and other monsters under Jorgenfist make perception rolls to see if they can hear the PCs fighting.

Also don't forget that the fortress scares the crap out of the giants outside in the camps and they refuse to enter. Your PCs may not know this, but that's part of the fun: "Heeeyyy, why aren't all those angry giants who are totally aware of our presence not rushing into this fortress to help out their master? There are only a handful of Mokmurian's "finest" inside, and they should be actively searching if the alarm has been raised and they should be on their guard if the raid on Sandpoint was a failure.

That doesn't mean all the giants and other monsters dogpile on at once. Early on I made the mistake of treating each room in an encounter-filled dungeon as static, with the monsters only appearing once the room had been entered. I have since learned and our encounters have become a lot more dynamic since then. My PCs have also learned that they can't just rush into a dungeon and kill everything anymore, that they need to be careful, because they don't know what could be listening EDIT: My PCs also took Conna's advice once they met up with her and took the long way around, which they had already cleared because they took the underground entrance into Jorgenfist from the bug cave.

However, though the book says this path is safer, the lamias should easily be able to hear the fighting with the trolls in the chamber just before going to the lower level. Ideally, the lamias will bring their dragons with them too. The biggest problem I foresee is that this is such an elaborate complex that its only a matter of time before the instrusion is detected and Mokmurian is alerted. You can only do so much to hide the signs of a battle especially with fireballs wall of stone spells flying every which way.

Also, they are going to start to notice comrades just straight up missing. What kind of realistic timeframe are we talking about for the heroes to infiltrate the fortress and make their way down to Mokmurian assuming they are reasonably stealthy and manage to surgically take out threats as they go? How have other groups treated resting in the midst of this? On another topic: Lucrecia the Lamia from the last book has already escaped twice from the party and is still at large.

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I'm not sure when or where I'll insert her again. I'm considering actually leveling her up in order to make her more of a threat when she re-appears. Don't have her be in Jorgenfist. That would be too Instead, you could have her follow the PCs into the Runeforge afterward and attack them there when they have just faced a nasty battle. My group is in the midst of their 3rd assault on Jorgenfist. Mokmurian is doomed - he just doesn't know it yet. I'll walk through my pc's tactics and how I've had the giant's react - might be helpful.

PCs: wizard, cleric, fighter, bard. All 12th level, though next xp award moment next rest they will jump to They are exactly on pace with the xp track in the AP. They have used Windwalk extensively - combined with invisibility to access the courtyard area of Jorgenfist. Fly in, land somewhere inconspicuous reform to solid for 5 rounds and proceed. My group did some flyovers first and were drawn to the black tower - they assumed that Mokmurian who they had learned about from a Giant prisoner would be in a Thassilonian ruin. So they entered the tower mostly unnoticed by the giants, etc.

Their light drew the black monk up when the group opened the trap door. His breath weapon really pissed them off, especially the cleric who used Heal to whack the monk hard. He didn't go down but didn't have much left either. He was forced to flee the tower and call for his harpy minions. This lead to the harpies and just about everyone else converging on the tower in waves.

My group does not do much stealth at least combat-wise - they never use silence. I depart from the AP most of the time - I never follow "X stays in their room" tactics - I think they're stupid. Example: It seemed foolish to me that the Frost Giants, freshly allied with Mokmurian would stay in their room while their new allies were slaughtered. I don't normally force monsters to make perception rolls to hear combat in the area's adjacent to them.

If you've ever seen or been involved with fighting, it is simply not quiet. It's like saying the frat house next door had a kegger and you never noticed. So when fighting starts, I have nearby enemies respond according - prep for combat, move in the general direction, etc. The secret is to have the groups come in waves and turn the spigot off if the pc's are getting overwhelmed. Also, Mokmurian used Sending to keep in touch with Teraktinus on approach to Sandpoint so I see no reason he would stop after the attack.

Ergo when Teraktinus and Longtooth don't answer in the ensuing days, he knows something has gone wrong. My view: Jorgenfist is on alert and has been since days after the attack on Sandpoint. My group fought waves of giants, mammoths and bears - some giants from the towers drew out the mammoths from their stables and Ember.

The Frost Giants joined in too. Before Galenmir could join, they teleported out. They established a base camp in the nearby mountains where they could observe the fortress, albeit from a distance. They jumped a level after the first attack and the wizard added a spell name eludes me which lets him mark a spot and tag his allies and then teleport all of them back to it as a swift action.

They again used windwalk to fly to the ground level of Jorgenfist - they of course had seen the pit but never saw giants come in or out of it and assumed based on the corpses it was a waste area. Overnight, Mokmurian had moved Cinderma and the Runeslaves from the watch tower to the main fortress. My group just ignored the tower - this way they still get the xp!

Cinderma has See Invisibility Taiga giant ability so she sees the group and engages. She also calls out to Galenmir and he and the pit guardians run up the ramp and join in the fight, as well as some tower guards replaced overnight from Mokmurian's clan. Most die quickly, two flee back underground. Given they knew there was a giant army and had no citizens to rescue it seemed entirely reasonable to let them order giant-bane weapons.

Rise of the Runelords: Fortress of the Stone Giants (Pathfinder RPG)

The dwarven fighter can kill one stone giant a round by himself. The pc's pursue the fleeing giants, realizing only now there are caverns below and encounter Conna. She has sent the fleeing giants to rally the ogres and armory giants to the barracks. She allies with the pc's and sends them toward the Lamia's who she hates hoping it will save the giants. This plan fails. The group takes out Lokansir he flees into the dirt and then quickly kills the dragons. The lamia's use the dragon fight to run through their spell prep and then engage. One is trapped by the pc's and killed. The other flees to the south, alerting the trolls and joining the giants in the barracks with Enga.

When the pc's pursue, a massive battle erupts at the "crossroads" before the Library Tunnel with the Lamia-Enga-ogre-giant group on one side and the Trolls on the other. It's some ferocious fighting but the cleric's healing ability is just too much for the monsters. The group is just about tapped on spells and healing so they loot the corpses and teleport back to base. Next day, Mokmurian has no choice but to move his old clan what's left of it into the fortress - though they stay above ground.

Conna joins them, whispering about taboo and how Mokmurian has found a silent and elusive enemy he cannot defeat. The pc's have left few survivors so there is little information about them available to the rank and file. Mokmurian also takes several of the Stone Giant dead and makes them Runeslaves - he sets these and Lokansir recovered to guard the first dungeon level. He is not ready to have his living soldiers see how they might become Runeslaves - it was okay to do to the brutish Hill Giants, but to one of the People?

Not good for already tenuous morale.

Pathfinder Legends - Rise of the Runelords #4: Fortress of the Stone Giants

The pc's bypass all that by again Windwalking directly into the pit. These rooms are largely abandoned now but they quickly defeat Lokansir and 5 stone giant runeslaves at the troll lair. They then proceed to the library level. The Chamber of Reduction gives them fits- they failed some saves, used hero points to make others. Just as they are finishing off the giants, the forgefiend appears and catches all but the fighter in his searing spew I love that name! They all fail their saves amazingly!

The wizard creates a pit and the forgefiend fails its save and falls in. It doesn't want to deal with that and it flees into the rock. That's where we ended last. One last tactical observation - the first dungeon level and the Library level are separated by several hundred feet of rock. Unless magic is used, Mokmurian if in his lair cannot tactically join or affect combat in the first dungeon level. Conventional travel to and from the Library will take many minutes. So there should be no chance Mokmurian can join a fight there, at least initially.

You can place Mokmurian there either initially if you want to up the difficulty level or in response to an attack by the pc's. I considered that but decided that after the first assualt he was unwilling to appear weak by dwelling on the first level - he had Galenmir there to handle it. And after the second attack, his strongest minions were on the Library level and best suited to fight there. I may have him join the golem or headless lord and retreat to his chambers.

As for Lucretia, I have the same challenge. I had her waiting at the Storval Stairs with the hill giants but my group completely bypassed it via Windwalk. I think I'll have her show up in Sandpoint, trying to kill Xaliasa before he spills the beans about Runeforge - and give her one last shot at the pc's. So how has everyone handled it when the group goes through the bug cave, finds the secret door, and eventually stumbles into Jorgenfist's basement? There's no map for anything between the bug cave and the kobold barbarian's quarters, yet the adventure says it's a maze with lots of little encounters, with only the red caps being tough enough to be a real threat.

My group went in, and I had them encounter the red caps after being in there for an hour or so. I've told them that the cave seems to slope upwards sometimes, which makes sense, since they were significantly below Jorgenfist's ground level when they started, and they said they're following the maze in a general upward direction when possible. I thought for sure they'd keep one of the red caps alive to interrogate, and I'd just have that one cut a deal to show them the way to the giants' underground "domain" in order to save its own life.

But much to my surprise, they just went ahead and killed them all without taking a prisoner, for once. They've got a ranger with good tracking skills and underground as a favored terrain , so I figure they won't get too lost, but I'm wondering how to handle the maze down there before they get under Jorgenfist. I'll probably just hand wave it, but mention that they find a single pair of kobold tracks, which stand out for being unusual. I'm at that stage right now. I made them make a few Survival checks for the sake of form, and one redcap encounter, but basically didn't see the point in dragging out the maze caverns.

I figured that the redcap caves are actually smaller than the main tunnel that leads to Enga's room. The redcaps are Small, so their tunnels would reflect that. The main thoroughfare, however, is probably at least Medium, so the giants can go down it, even though they'd be uncomfortable at the tight quarters.

So, in my estimation, the branching corridors are only there should the PCs make too many forays in and out of Jorgenfist this way. Search this Thread:. Icy Prison. And Enga failed her save. She wasn't even able to activate her fireball necklace to take the PCs out with her. Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook, Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Society Subscriber Oh, oh Take a vanquished enemy from each chapter, level and add templates to them a fungal lich Mammy Graul perhaps then have them face them in the last book a RotRl super villain team if you will.

Fromper wrote:. Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook Subscriber As per the description in the AP, I had Conna quite nervous while in the shrine, as if someone could appear at any time despite the haunt. Still, I wanted to make sure I wasn't being heavy-handed. Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook Subscriber My group did come up with a handy trick for recovering spells. Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook Subscriber Just for convenience sakes, the resale value of Mokmurian's spellbooks is 61, gold.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook Subscriber Oh, and transcribing all of the spells from levels 1 to 6 would be hours. First-time GM, and I'm learning I'm not great at improvisation, so any advice is welcomed! Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook Subscriber I must admit some curiosity: how many GMs had their players end up encountering the Black Monk and the upper parts of Jorgenfist after the group wipes out Mokmurian?

Spoiler: like the Black Monk and the Harpy Monks. Tangent wrote:. NobodysHome wrote:. So my party is being WAY overly cautious in approaching Jorgenfist. I have to decide how M would respond to this. Lots of possibilities here. Any suggestions? GM Holden wrote:.

Good advice and insight all, thanks. Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber I figured that the redcap caves are actually smaller than the main tunnel that leads to Enga's room. Search Thread Search this Thread:. Mar 27, , am. Mar 27, , pm. Mar 28, , am. Apr 3, , pm. Apr 6, , pm. Apr 7, , pm. Ian Bell. Apr 8, , pm. Jun 2, , pm. Jul 17, , pm. Jul 22, , am.

Jul 22, , pm.

jjsalamon.com/top-cell-phone-location-software-galaxy-a50.php Jul 23, , pm. The Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path continues! A sudden string of brutal killings terrorizes the town of Sandpoint, and the killer's mark bears a familiar shape. Investigation leads to the Lost Coast's most notorious haunted mansion, a dilapidated ruin that has become the lair of a monstrous murderer. Yet this killer is but one of many, a member of a group of fanatic cutthroats calling themselves the Skinsaw Men.

To defeat the cult, the PCs must travel to the bustling city of Magnimar to unravel the sinister source of these murders before they become the Skinsaw Men's next victims! The notorious Hook Mountain ogres, known for their violent and savage ways, have slaughtered the soldiers of Fort Rannick. The few surviving rangers need heroes to help them retake this key fortification before the ogres use it as a staging ground for further assaults on the region. Yet why have the ogres chosen now to launch this sudden attack?

What sinister force grows in the surrounding wilderness, and what ties to the mysterious Sihedron Rune do the ogres of Hook Mountain hide? Are the rumors of an army of giants massing for war true? Driven to battle by a maniacal warlord, the once-peaceful stone giants of the Storval Plateau threaten to destroy the sleepy town of Sandpoint. Will fast action and quick wits be enough to save the defenseless community? Yet, even if the giants' initial raid can be repelled, only by striking at the heart of their titanic war machine—the black-towered fortress of Jorgenfist—can the menace be quelled.

But who knows what mysterious bloodlust spurs the usually peaceful giants to war, or what mysteries lie beneath their ancient fortress? The evil beneath the town of Sandpoint refuses to sleep quietly, and a killer from the ancient past awakes. Clues found in his lair lead to the den of a legendary dragon and into a vast arcane dungeon ruled by ageless wizards, where the seven deadly sins reign supreme.

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Can the PCs hone the sins within themselves into weapons against their true foe, Karzoug, the resurrected Runelord of Greed? The Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path concludes! There are more forces than an ancient evil wizard at work in this remote corner of Golarion, a place where the boundaries between reality and nightmare are unnaturally thin. Karzoug's minions have awakened as well, among them giants and dragons and devils and worse. Could there be an even deeper evil poised to emerge from the darkness at the dawn of time?

Can the Rise of the Runelords be stopped? This invaluable resource for Pathfinder's first Adventure Path reveals how best to customize your character so that he'll fit into the realm of Varisia with ease. Inside this guide you'll find:. Register Log in Wishlist 0 Shopping cart 0. You have no items in your shopping cart.

Pathfinder Adventure Path: Rise of the Runelords. A lightly used Pathfinder Adventure Path in excellent condition. Six soft cover books sold as a complete set. Priority Mail is our only option, so buy more than one book for a competitive shipping price. Be the first to review this product. Pathfinder Adventure Path: Rise of the Runelords Pathfinder is Paizo Publishing's page, perfect-bound, full-color softcover Adventure Path book printed on high-quality paper that releases in a monthly volume. A history of the ancient empire of Thassilon, by Wolfgang Baur.

Rise of the Runelords

The first installment of the Pathfinder's Journal, by Erik Mona. Wesley Schneider. Details on Magnimar, the City of Monuments, by F.