Nations torn asunder : the challenge of civil war

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Anthony Loyd is a roving foreign correspondent for The Times. He began reporting for The Times in Bosnia over twenty years ago.

He has since covered conflicts around the world and won four major awards for the newspaper for his coverage from Syria. Its members include leading experts in conflict-related research from five of LSE's academic departments, including Government, International Relations, Sociology, the Methodology Institute, and the European Institute. PDF Restaurar Eliminar definitivamente. Seguir a este autor. Nuevas citas sobre este autor.

Nations Torn Asunder: The Challenge of Civil War

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Pearce on Kissane, 'Nations Torn Asunder: The Challenge of Civil War'

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Your local Waterstones may have stock of this item. Civil war has been a recurring feature of human societies throughout history - and an essential catalyst for major international conflict.

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And since the number of civil wars in the world has grown steadily, bringing devastation on a scale more traditionally associated with international wars. In spite of this, there is no classic treatise on civil war to compare with the classic works we have on war, revolution, or peace. On the one hand, historians have tended to treat the 'big' civil wars such as the American and the Spanish in isolation. On the other, social scientists have concentrated on identifying common patterns, without looking in too much detail at the specifics of any given conflict.

Focusing on the numerous civil conflicts that have occurred throughout the world since the Second World War, Bill Kissane bridges this gap, asking what the recent social science literature adds to what we already know about civil war, but also how insights from the historical literature, from the ancient Greeks onwards, can help explain the violent experience of so many parts of the world since At its heart is the question of what makes the contemporary challenge posed by civil war so different to that of past periods - and what, if anything, is new about the contemporary experience of civil war at the dawn of the twenty-first century.

Nations Torn Asunder should become an essential guidebook for those willing take up Kissane's challenge.

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Bill Kissane has done a great service to general readers by providing a humane guide to the rather soulless social-scientific literature on civil war Given the current events in Syria, and elsewhere in the Middle East in recent years, this important book couldn't be more timely. Kissane's book is a good place to start finding out.

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Kissane brings together successfully insights from history, philosophy, literature and social science to show how civil wars and thinking about civil wars changes through time and space In refining an old historical concept and applying it to recent conflicts, Bill Kissane rises impressively to the task in this rigorously researched and innovative volume.

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