Digital Defense: A Cybersecurity Primer

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Cybersecurity for the Connected Age

Excellent guidance for minimizing cyber security threats in our pharmacies is found in EPCS electronic prescribing of controlled substances rules. For instance, in order for EPCS to meet the necessary requirements set forth by the regulations, processes such as ID proofing must be established. There is also a strict requirement for two-level authentication, as discussed above, which creates an added level of security.

The authentication credentials currently approved for EPCS include: biometrics such as fingerprint readers, one-time password tokens, or smart cards. EPCS, unlike the old paper prescriptions, eliminates the opportunity for signature changes.

Cybersecurity Primer for Business

This is a win-win for all of the stakeholders in this process. Technology tools and solutions have helped to strengthen the care we can now deliver to our patients. We want to minimize data loss and minimize the consequences of any cyber attack without jeopardizing the care we deliver to those in need. Due to the continued expansion of healthcare and its services, we will continue to manage complex healthcare environments while maintaining the security of the data we collect and store.

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Hence, healthcare organizations, including pharmacies, need to understand necessary workflows and processes to accomplish core clinical functions and simultaneously support security policies, controls, and oversight mechanisms. The risk of a healthcare cyber attack is no longer just an IT-specific concern, but rather a long-term business strategy for healthcare, including the retail pharmacy enterprise. Hence, pharmacists must take these threats seriously and implement proactive IT solutions, while providing staff training to support a culture focused on providing excellent healthcare while maintaining data privacy and security.

Perspectives on cyber security in healthcare. June Accessed October 18, Internet Security Threat Report , vol. Filkins B. SANS Institute. New threats drive improved practices: state of cybersecurity in health care organizations.

Digital Defense: A Cybersecurity Primer - Joseph Pelton, Indu B. Singh - Google книги

December Calatayud P. The Surescripts Blog.

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Cybersecurity: defense is the best offense. Five tips for cybersecurity, and why they should matter to healthcare professionals. A quick guide to EPCS. What you need to know to implement electronic prescriptions for controlled substances. Featured Issue Featured Supplements. Subscribe Jobs.

US Pharm. The Allure of Electronic Health Records Electronic health records EHRs contain much of our identities, ranging from social security numbers to dates of birth, addresses, and even prescriptions. Pharmacist Countermeasures What can pharmacists do to combat cyber security threats?

Digital Defense: A Cybersecurity Primer

Any mobile electronic devices with sensitive information should be routinely encrypted, including USB flash drives and laptop hard drives. This prevents accidental exposures such as dropping an unencrypted flash drive in a parking lot or losing a laptop with unencrypted patient data to theft. Conclusions Technology tools and solutions have helped to strengthen the care we can now deliver to our patients.

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watch Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Digital defense: a cybersecurity primer , by Joseph N. Pelton and Indu B. The goal of this helpful resource is to explain the importance of cybersecurity to anyone using a computer or mobile device.

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The book begins with an overview of what is at stake and why individuals should care about security vulnerabilities. They present concepts in easily understood language, define potential threats, and describe concrete steps to defend against and reduce exposures. The book includes in-depth discussions of security as it affects the Internet of Things and attacks against both personal and corporate information.


Although the field of cybersecurity is constantly evolving and changing, most of the book emphasizes common security vulnerabilities, which will likely exist for some time. The last chapter presents ten key cybersecurity rules. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Mark DuBois Follow. Curious - wondering if there is any truth to The Far Side coming back? Interesting read about a Triassic creature with "hand" shaped footprints except the thumb is on the wrong side.

This has potentially big implications about origin of beetles which represent 1 in 4 of all known animals.

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