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Shoghi Effendi stressed that:. Ultimately, the tests of unity were overcome; institutions were established, matured, and learned how to function more and more effectively as they built both the Temple and a vibrant national community. As one writer has noted:.

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Two of these immeasurable potentialities, the expansion of the community and the unfoldment of its administration, bear a closer look. Accordingly, both potentialities were developed conjointly.

Advancement towards this goal is evident from the early years, in the gradual transfer of responsibility for the Temple project from an individual to a collective level. Baha'i Faith Inspired Blog. Jul It is devotion, sincerity and genuine enthusiasm which in the long run can ensure the completion of our beloved Temple. Material considerations, though essential, are not the most vital by any means.

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Neither Bourgeois nor Earley saw the completed temple. The formal dedication for the superstructure took place in All nine temples share certain design features, including domes and gardens. In Wilmette, the temple includes nine entrances and nine verses above the doors and the alcoves.

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Of all the temples, the Wilmette house of worship is the oldest. It has been named a National Historic Landmark, one of the Seven Wonders of Illinois and is visited by , people a year. Address Linden Ave.

Completion Date Neighborhood Wilmette. Use Type House of Worship.

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