Best Approximation in Normed Linear Spaces by Elements of Linear Subspaces

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Part i is trivial. As for part ii , we start noticing that. Ole Christensen. An introduction to frames and Riesz bases. Robert A. Sobolev spaces. Ridgelets: a Key to Higher-dimensional Intermittency?. A Continuous Curvelet Transform: I. Resolution of the Wavefront Set. Continuous Curvelet Transform: II. Discretization and Frames. Pure Appl. DeVore A. Chambolle, B.

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Fluids 8 , — DeVore, Bradley J. On the size and smoothness of solutions to nonlinear hyperbolic conservation laws. Nonlinear approximation by trigonometric sums. Fourier Anal. Devor, P. Petrushev, V. Multidimensional approximations by trigonometric polynomials with harmonics of a hyperbolic cross. Zametki 56 , 36—63, Carl de Boor, Ronald A. DeVore, Amos Ron. DeVore, George G. Constructive approximation. Kyriazis, D.

Leviatan, V. On the construction of multivariate pre wavelets. DeVore, Robert C. DeVore, P. Petrushev, X. Surface compression. Aided Geom.

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Design 9 , — DeVore, Vasil A. Interpolation of Besov spaces. De-noising by Soft Thresholding. Wedgelets: Nearly-Minimax Estimation of Edges.

Orthonormal Ridgelets and Linear Singularities. Antonin Chambolle, Bradley J. Interpreting translation-invariant wavelet shrinkage as a new image smoothing scale space. Nam-Yong Lee, Bradley J. Wavelet methods for inverting the Radon transform with noisy data. I Math. Hsiao, B.

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Jawerth, B. Lucier, X. Near optimal compression of orthonormal wavelet expansions. CRC, Lawrence G. Brown, Bradley J. Bradley J. Wavelets and image compression. Regularity through approximation for scalar conservation laws. David Hoff, Bradley J. Numerical methods with interface estimates for the porous medium equation. Lucier, Ross Overbeek. A parallel adaptive numerical scheme for hyperbolic systems of conservation laws.

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