30 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do Before Turning 30

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For a population of people who are willing to board hour flights to the other side of the world, five hours is near to negligible. Attend an Australian music festival. Give surfing a red hot go. Sign up for a class on your next beach holiday and see how you go. Do something completely new in your hometown.

Hey Sydneysiders, have you ever done the Harbour Bridge Climb? Hey Melburnians, ever skydived over St Kilda beach? Tasmanians, have you abseiled metres down the side of Gordon Dam? We rely on travel to bring out our adventurous sides, but trying something completely new in your hometown, particularly something that nudges the edges of your comfort zone, can provide some relief from your daily routine.

Take at least one great train ride. Trains are great.

Everyone all in a row, travelling side-by-side but separately, heads buried in books, plugged with headphones, or tilted to the windows, all in their own worlds. Alone but together. Free but bound. Still but moving. Add some epic scenery to move through, and the romance only grows. Some countries — like Switzerland, Sri Lanka and Japan — are chock-full of epic train journeys. Here in Australia, we have the Ghan, cutting through the Outback from Adelaide to Darwin in three days.

All aboard. A trip to Bali.


30 Things To Do Before Turning 30

A trip to Bali is a rite of passage for young Australians. The price point is right for luxury on a budget, and Bali is unashamedly geared to tourism, which makes it a cinch to explore. Be in the Outback. We mean getting way out there in the Outback, where you have no choice but to embrace isolation. When you live in a city, the emptiness of the Outback is literally stunning.

Driving for hours on end on a straight, feature-free road without seeing another human is bound to stir some sort of emotion. See Sydney Harbour from a boat.


For a whole new perspective, board a boat — any boat — and see these manmade marvels from the water. You can gather a group of friends and hire a party yacht or jump on a ferry, but foregoing solid ground to take in the handsome harbour from the water just feels like an intrepid thing to do.

Hang out with animals in the wild. Luckily for us, Australia is full of wild animals that you can safely and responsibly spend time with. A set of fancy wine glasses, a designer dress or shoes, a first edition of a book or vinyl, signed artwork? Whatever it is, just suck it up for once and treat yourself! To start with, check out a few of the past Oscar winners and go from there.

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All you have to do is water a few plants and feed a cat. Not too shabby. You can find many copy-cat recipes from chain restaurants posted online. Try a state park or national park, which are quite inexpensive to get into, or sometimes even free! Or better yet, take a tent to your favorite beach and fall asleep to the sound of waves under the stars.

1. Learn a foreign language

Next time you walk past that Buddhist temple that always has a nice incense smell, stop by and ask if you can sit in on a ceremony. See what the movies used to be like. Try to find a cinema where a live orchestra plays the soundtrack throughout the screening. There are some people that never even step out of the city, or see the ocean. They never a mountain up close or even stand in the snow. This is just a basic list to get you warmed up. Think about your life, your dreams, your goals—what keeps getting pushed back, what do you still really want to do? Make time for the things that matter.

Their use does not signify or suggest the endorsement, affiliation, or sponsorship, of or by SuperMoney or them of us. It also gives you the freedom to explore new places at your own pace and chase crazy-ambitious travel goals.

19 Things Everyone Should Do Before They Turn 30

There is no better way to really spend time in the outdoors than camping. Just yourself, maybe some friends or the family. Camping is great to forget about your problems, to get away from your busy life and enjoy the beauty of nature. Whitewater rafting can be one of the most adrenaline-pumping, thrill-seeking activities out there. Everyone needs to do this trip at least once in their lives and see the country they live in. We see pictures in magazines, scenes from movies and read about the beauty of America, but to actually witness it yourself is surreal. Get out in the fresh mountain air, recharge your batteries and invigorate your well-being.

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Skiing is not only fun but you get to release the stress of daily life and by flying down the snow-covered mountains. A ride along in a Nascar car, or you can drive one if you dare will give you an incredible adrenaline rush. Driving at high speeds will feel like you are in a Fast and Furious movie. Start working towards being debt-free. You can develop smart habits in your 20s that will help you become debt-free and stay that way.

Take dance lessons, learn about photography, or enroll in an art class.

30 Important Things Everyone Should Do Before Turning 30

You just may discover a new side of yourself in the process. We all love music but learning to play an instrument and being able to create your own music is fantastic. Once you mark the items off your list then work on making a new list. Never stop learning. Never stop exploring. Enjoy life while you are young and in good health.

Each day that goes by marks another day that you are getting older and as harsh as this sounds, the truth is we all going to die one day. We can either be busy dying or be busy living. What will you do? At the end of the day, you have two choices in love — one is to accept someone just as they are and the other is to walk away.